Codification and other such matters


I have focused more on tacit knowledge than explicit knowledge and codification. So, for this blog post, I decided to change it up a bit. Though, of course, one can never escape from tacit knowledge no matter how one may try. I had a hard time with this blog post so it’s a little all over the place so please ask any questions!

Cowan et al. (2000) and Kimble (2013)  both focus on codification especially in regards to economics. Incidentally,  though, most of their discussion revolves around tacit knowledge and developing it into explicit and codification. Cowan et. al. (2000) stated “tacit knowledge thus has come to signify an absolute type, namely ‘not codified knowledge'” (p. 212). At least this seemed to be the case with economists.  Cowan et. al. believe that tacit knowledge is not always inarticularable (which  Nonaka and Polanyi thought as well). Sometimes is just isn’t necessary to…

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